SJM Capital Campaign

Dear Friends in Christ, 

St. Joseph Parish is excited to announce the launch of the Going Big for Christ campaign in conjunction  with the Diocese of Toledo’s $65 million capital and endowment campaign, Living Christ. This combined  effort allows us to address our parish needs while supporting important Catholic ministries across  Northwest Ohio. 

Our Parish Campaign priorities: 

∙ Additional Classrooms – Adding four preschool classrooms to allow for more room in the existing   school building, in order to effectively meet the challenges of our growing student body. ∙ Ministry Center – Ensuring space for all who come to worship with us and seek fellowship within our  community. 

∙ Expanding church seating to add 80 more worshipers that will include two new confessionals and  devotional space with additional statues and votive candles 

∙ A new Gathering Space, double the size of our current Family Center 

∙ New meeting spaces for adult faith formation, liturgical music, and community outreach ∙ Additional offices for spiritual direction and counseling 

The Diocesan Campaign priorties: 

∙ Strengthening our parishes 

∙ Supporting our clergy 

∙ Caring for the poor 

∙ Emerging disciples 

∙ Restoring Rosary Cathedral 

∙ Forming our lay leaders 

Enhancing the mission of St. Joseph’s requires that we step forward in faith, work together, and go big.  We are seeking to raise $8 million to ensure a bright future for St. Joe’s and the Diocese. I am encouraged  by the generous support of our initial participating families, and am eager to continue working towards  our goal. 

Parish volunteers will be reaching out to you to share more information about the Going Big for Christ campaign, and how you can participate in the coming months. I ask that you graciously receive these  parish volunteers with an open mind and heart. 

If you have questions about either campaign, please attend one of our Q&A events after every Mass on  November 6th. Until then, please pray for their success. 

Thank you! Your support will secure a vibrant future of both our parish and the Diocese of Toledo. May  God bless you and your family! 

Sincerely in Christ,

Fr. Eric Schild